the story

GoSafely was born after our Co-Founder and CEO, Annmarie Stockinger was assaulted during her freshman year of college. Looking for an easier way to contact help, she began researching the existing tools. Disappointed with their reliance on bluetooth and wifi she attended HackATL where she developed the device with help from her team. 

Our device is sleek, functional and standalone. We believe in safety solutions that don't escalate the violence of offenses and empower our users. 

After building out our wonderful team we have been able to complete initial development and win some pretty cool awards along the way, like the WeWork Creator Awards, Regional Incubate Award and the Microsoft Most Potential Impact Award.

The faq


no phone? no problem.

We designed our SafelyTags with care and that meant cell chips abound and no more drained phone batteries. We understand that our users are active and that means that bluetooth and wifi aren't always available. Don't worry about monthly data fees or overages -- just buy a SafelyTag, register your device via our app or website and live with peace of mind that your confidence is our number one priority


how do i wear it?

The SafelyTag can easily be attached to backpacks, carabiners, keys and water bottles with our solid, easy to use clip. Feel free to carry it how you please, knowing that help is always in reach. 

what happens if i hit it ACCIDENTALLY?

Our SafelyTags have a unique sliding cover that makes the button easy to press when you need to, and difficult to hit accidentally. If you do accidentally send out an alert, simply put your pin into the app and cancel it.